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Lowes Metals
Trading since 1921

Our History

Henry Lowe started Lowes Metals in 1921 from humble beginnings as a rag and bone man.  Rag and bone men have been a part of British life since the middle ages and horse and cart were a common sight on the streets.  With the call 'any old iron' they would collect unwanted household items and were the original recyclers.  Bones would be boiled down to make glue, and rags used to make paper or shoddy (cheap cloth).

In 1921 Henry decided to specialise in metals, and opened a permanent site in Grays which Lowes Metals are still operating from today.
Rag and Bone Man
Library Picture of a Rag and Bone Man

40 Years On

The horse and cart was replaced long ago by our lorries and skips, and heavy lifting was done by a crane as shown by the picture below taken in the late 1950's/early 1960's.
Lowes Metals Yard circa 1960

Present Day

Nowadays our crane is bigger, our lorries modern and we have a weighbridge and crusher on site.  Our skips are roll on/roll off making life easier and safer. 

In Henry's day things were a lot simpler, but now we abide by the legislation and regulations concerning buying scrap metal.

Metal recycling has moved on a lot from the rag and bone men circling the streets, ringing their bells and taking away your unwanted items. 

Lowes Metals handle all manner of metals - from batteries to cables, and even to demolitions of industrial cranes!

Crane at Lowes Metals yard
Lowes Metals lorry and roll on/roll off skip
Lowes Metals Lorry
Crusher at Lowes Metals Yard in Grays, Essex
Lowes Metals - recycling of industrial crane

Who are Lowes Metals?

Here metals are bought and enter the first part of the recycling process, being crushed and prepared so they can go to a furnace to be melted and hence reused. 

The business has stayed in the family and is now being run by his two grandsons Alan and Albert, and by Clive, his great grandson.  A further generation is being lined up to take over. 

Lowes Metals

Established 1921
Operating across the South East

Telephone:  01375 373 272
Fax:  01375 394836 
Email:  alan@lowes-metals.co.uk
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Scrap Metal Wanted! 

As licensed Scrap Metal Merchants we will buy your unwanted metal (examples of Scrap Metal  can be found here).
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