Lowes Metals
Trading since 1921

Compliance and Licences

At Lowes Metals we pride ourselves on compliance with the legislation affecting Scrap Metal recycling.

We have obtained a Criminal Record Basic Check which is required when applying for a scrap metal dealer's licence, and we are members of the professions organisation representing the UK metal recycling sector, the BMRA (British Metals Recycling Association). 

Details of our licences are below:

Waste Carriers Licence:  CB/PP3714DJ

Site Licence:  397/98

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

The original Scrap Metal Dealers Act in 1964 was inadequate for the 21st century.  The rise in metal theft offences (80,000 - 100,000 in 2010/11) and the resultant disruption this causes (e.g. Cables stripped from train lines, theft of street furniture) necessitated an overhaul of the industry. 

The 2013 Act was thus introduced which aims to raise standards in the Scrap Metal Industry, requiring more detailed and accurate records of transactions to be kept and requiring Scrap Metal dealers to verify the identity of the people who they buy metal from. 

Scrap Metal Dealers are required to obtain a licence to carry out their business - one for the site, and one as a mobile collector.  The local authority must be assured that the licensee is a suitable person to be a scrap metal dealer.  Details of Lowes Metals licences are above. 

Our Staff

At Lowes Metals we have a small team of staff who are fully trained and skilled waste collecting/disposal operators.  We pride ourselves on providing an excellent, friendly customer service
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Lowes Metals Lorry
The Cashless Trading measures requires that no payment can be made by cash for scrap metal, and photo identification is required before purchasing any waste.  Therefore we will ask to see your Photographic Driving Licence or Passport (with proof of address such as a recent utility bill) before making any payment which will then be by cheque or electronic payment. 

Lowes Metals

Established 1921
Operating across the South East

Telephone:  01375 373 272
Fax:  01375 394836 
Email:  alan@lowes-metals.co.uk
Scrap Metal Wanted! 

As licensed Scrap Metal Merchants we will buy your unwanted metal (examples of Scrap Metal  can be found here).